Four types of conflict worksheet

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This resource includes 4 conflict posters and a 10-item worksheet.First, there is a poster for each of the four major types of character conflict: person vs. person, person vs. nature, person vs. self, and person vs. society.A title poster is also included, in case you want to display the posters on a wall or bulletin board. Identify the DRAIN in Your Relationship. Topic - Romantic relationships. In this worksheet (Harris, 2009), individuals respond to various open-ended questions assessing behaviors that negatively affect the relationship. Questions follow the acronym DRAIN: Disconnection. Reactivity. Oct 17, 2016 · Types of-conflict-worksheet-2 1. Name: _____ Types of Conflict Worksheet 2 Directions: Read the brief description of each plot. Identify the protagonist and antagonist and determine the type of conflict. 1. After years of saving money, John bought his dream home. It was a two-story beach house in a secluded area.
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